The Onion Router, or TOR for short, is a FOSS and privacy-oriented internet browser that enables anonymous communication. Thousands of volunteer relays make up the network to direct internet traffic worldwide for free. RoboSats utilizes TOR as a layer of privacy and therefore accessing RoboSats via TOR is strongly recommended.

A supported alternative to TOR is the I2P project. You can also use a TOR-compatible browser, like Brave, but users should always assume they are being spied on and take care to access RoboSats safely.

Issues With TOR

Utilizing TOR has drawbacks such as lower network connection speeds, sporadic downtime due to DDoS, and imperfect privacy with regards to website fingerprinting techniques.

Keep this in mind when using RoboSats. It is important to back up your robot’s secret token in the event TOR network experiences connection issues.

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