More often than not, disputes arise due to a miscommunication between peers. Very rarely are there actually instances of attempted fraud. Regardless, it’s comforting to know there is a process in place to resolve disputes and protect the honest robot!


Support and dispute mediation is available through the public RoboSats SimpleX group chat. Refer to Contribute > Code > Communication Channels for the SimpleX invite link.

There are other public group chats available, but issues relating to disputes should be brought to the SimpleX group chat.

Note: RoboSats staff will NEVER directly message you in private. Watch out for scammers impersonating RoboSats staff and group admins. You should always be wary when someone asks you to send them bitcoin in order to receive help.

Example Dispute

Refer to Tutorials > Read (English) > Disputes for an example overview of the dispute process.

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