RoboSats is absolutely private by default. The main four ingredients are:

  1. No registration at all. With a single click you will generate a robot avatar: that’s all you need. Since no email, phone, username or any input from the user is needed, there is no possible way to make a mistake and doxx yourself. Your Robot avatars cannot be linked to you.
  2. Auditable PGP encrypted communication. Every robot has a pair of PGP keys to encrypt the communication end-to-end. RoboSats makes it very easy for you to export your keys and verify for yourself that your communication is private with any other third party app implementing the OpenPGP standard.
  3. Tor Network Only. Your location or IP address is never known to the node or your trading peers.
  4. One identity -> one trade. You can (and you are advised to) trade with a different identity every single time. It is convenient and easy. No other exchange has this feature and it is critical for privacy! In RoboSats there is no way for observers to know that several trades have been made by the same user if he used different robot avatars.

The combination of these features makes trading in RoboSats as private as it can get.

Robot Avatar Generation Pipeline

Only your trading peer can get to know things about you while you chat. Keep the chat short and concise and avoid providing more information than strictly necessary for the fiat exchange.

ProTip You can step up your privacy by using a lightning proxy wallet when you buy Sats in RoboSats.

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