The single best way to support RoboSats is by simply using it and telling others to try it out! Without peers providing liquidity to the order books, peer-to-peer exchanges like us would cease to exist! When peers use RoboSats and invite others to give it a try, liquidity grows and then the platform can support even more users!

The best we can do is reason with users of why they should value their privacy and avoid anti-privacy exchanges. Refer to this article, written by a RoboSats contributor, explaining some of the reasons why users should consider protecting their privacy and using P2P exchanges like RoboSats.

Social Media

Social media is a great opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising of RoboSats. If you had a great experience using RoboSats or have interesting insight to share about the project, please do say something! Shout it from the robo-heavens!

For example, you could post on Nostr and tag the RoboSats Nostr account (npub1p2psats79rypr8lpnl9t5qdekfp700x660qsgw284xvq4s09lqrqqk3m82) so that it can be shared with others! Or, if you are on Twitter, create a tweet and tag the RoboSats Twitter account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated in this sector! More order book liquidity attracts more users and thus more users get to take advantage of buying and selling bitcoin privately!

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